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Participation in the 5K Run/Walk by individuals like you, has provided vital support to the programs and mission of Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. Below is a listing of some of the important ways in which 5K contributions have made a difference.


Cell Phone Tour: Visitors to Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park can now take self-guided tours enhanced by audio narratives accessed through visitors’ cell phones. Each of the park’s primary historic buildings has a tour marker with code located near the front exterior of each structure. Visitors can dial the code on their cell phones (or scan the QR code provided) and listen to a brief history of the building and its former inhabitants. Modern technology is helping visitors connect to the people, places and events of 1908 Allensworth!

Custom Puppet of Colonel Allen Allensworth: A high-quality hand puppet representation of Colonel Allensworth is the centerpiece of the park’s Puppet Interpretive Program. The Colonel Allensworth puppet provides a fun, interactive way to introduce young people to the story and importance of Colonel Allensworth and his namesake town. The puppet program is now a regular part of the annual Allensworth Rededication event. The Colonel Allensworth puppet also is featured in a number of educational videos on You Tube.

California Historical Landmark Plaque: In 2012, the historic town of Allensworth received designation as a California Historic Landmark. This designation recognizes the importance the town of Allensworth holds in the history of California, and honors Colonel Allensworth and the original Allensworth pioneers’ enduring legacy of self-determination. A bronze plaque was erected at the entrance to the park, noting the site’s Landmark status.

Some additional program support made possible through 5K contributions:
  • New Interpretive signage in front of all the buildings.
  • Guided horse drawn buggy tours.
  • Hiring Interpreter 1- P.I. for the Ports Program.
  • Interpretive digital photo video conferencing tours for bed bound disabled adults in hospitals in Kansas, New York, Canada and Yokohama, Japan.
  • Portable Puppet Stage
  • PowerPoint Projectors and Screens (2 ea)
  • Digital Cameras (2 ea)
  • Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park Coloring Book
  • Historically correct bicycles for staff working in thehistoric area of the park
  • Animal puppets for “Campground Critters” interpretive program
  • Upgraded lighting in the park’s Visitor Center
  • Sacks, buckets, rope and trough for Historic Games program
  • Leather-working supplies and tools, and butter churning
    supplies for interpretive programming
  • Laser pointer for Star Gazing program
  • Restoration of historic vendor bike
  • Portable Park Display for off-site presentations
  • Park Logo table drapes for display tables
  • Period attire clothing
  • Cell Phone Automated Tour Service
  • 2 portable "Tour Vox" Public Address systems
  • Restoration work on Smith House Victrola
  • 2 Reproduction Gramophones
  • Reproduction clothing for staff and volunteers
  • Reproduction Blacksmith Hammers
  • Period wood boxes,bottles & containers
  • Marble Art program: paint, frames, blank postcards, marbles, jars, travel box & clips.
  • 3 portable shade covers (pop ups).
  • Supplies to build 12 child sized benches.
  • Victrola Records: Needles ,felt and other small supplies.
  • Ink pens and ink for "Historic penmanship"
  • Agents of Discovery Educational Game
  • Student Living History Handbook

The 5K Walk/Run will continue to support Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park thanks to your participation!

Here is a peek at a “wish list” of future support for the park’s interpretive programming:
  • A new visitor center
  • Telescope for Star Gazing program
  • Custom puppet of Mrs. Josephine Allensworth
  • Binoculars (children’s set)
  • Animal Track Sand Table
  • Blacksmith coal, 1 ton (2 year supply)
  • Seeds for the historic Experimental Garden
  • Historically appropriate Garden Tools
  • Candle making supplies
  • Soap making supplies
  • Bakery supplies
  • Special bronze Volunteer badges
  • Animal control cages (live traps)
  • Historically appropriate roofing tools
  • Historically appropriate butter churning supplies (replica butter churn)

Click here to participate in this year’s 5K Walk/Run or to make an additional donation to Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park.



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